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Updated 9:01 AM CDT, Wed, June 27,2018

Turbo Wax offers a wide variety of car cleaning products available for retail and wholesale purchase.

Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2018 -- Turbo Wax wholesale car cleaning products are available online for purchase and the company is also launching a new campaign to educate small business owners on the best options and tactics for marketing, customer service, how to reach the consumer and other options. There is also information about waterless car wash products which is a popular option for traveling businesses where owners are traveling to different locations to clean their clients' vehicles while they are at home or at work.

"While the backbone of our business is and always will be retail, we cannot ignore the wholesale industry. A small business wants to buy a large quantity of car polishing kit options because they have a demand. However, they also need assistance with marketing, with learning how to provide the best service to their customers and more. We want our wholesale clients to succeed, ensuring that they will be customers of ours for years. It seems like a simple transition as this educational campaign is really more about showing people how we became successful and offering them the advice for free." Turbo Wax Representative

While the waterless car wash products are very popular, the most popular items include the new car polishing kit and other options that focus on getting professional quality results. Turbo Wax recently ran a DIY campaign which emphasized the use of their items which was very successful, and the company is hoping to duplicate that success and see the same results on the wholesale side.

"We set out years ago to introduce our car cleaning products as the ideal option for the DIY person. We showed people how to use our wax and get the same results they would get if they waited in line and had a professional do it for them. This not only saved them hundreds of dollars a year but helped to build a relationship based on trust with the customer. We hope to do the same exact thing with small businesses, showing them exactly what they need to have a successful platform that gets them customers for years."

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About Turbo Wax
Turbo Wax was founded by car fanatic Juan Ruiz who is a mechanic, racer and designer. He created the products to help provide consumers a cost-effective option for giving their vehicles a show car look. The products are currently offered on multiple websites including their own where you can sign up for discounts, a monthly newsletter as well as view the company blog with tips on maintaining a vehicle. If you have any questions you may contact the company directly through the site, via social media or by simply calling them.

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