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Spreading Love: Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad

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Updated 11:45 AM CST, Tue, March 06,2018

Don Form Las Vegas Philanthropist Continues to Contribute to the local community

Tustin, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2018 -- Both Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad, primarily a brainchild of Don, are by now quite well-known to the people of the Las Vegas valley. The Surprise Squad, during its existence of a little more than four years, has brought cheer and joy to many families and individuals in the community. And Don, owner of the United Nissan Store in Vegas as well as of the Lakada Wine Cellar, was instrumental to the formation of the squad.

His idea was to build a strong sense of community among the inhabitants of the valley since only that can help build a brighter future for ourselves and for our kids. The Surprise Squad, which has become famous for its already numerous philanthropic acts, is a stepping stone towards that aim. This is the reason why the squad, apart from helping out families and individuals in need through money, scholarship, gifts, etc., has also at various occasions shown its appreciation for people who have done their bit, often in the face of adverse circumstances, to keep intact that sense of community.

This was again visible in the Surprise Squad members' latest effort which was to broadcast throughout the month of February various inspiring stories of couples in love and those who have stuck together in the face of many difficult circumstances. Love is the strongest emotion that can bind one individual to another and thus help build a strong community spirit and this was the message the squad tried to communicate through their month-long endeavor. And all of this rounded off nicely with the story of Tony and Tamra Vanucci which, as one Fox5 commentator says, is not only a story of love, but of 'love and survival'.

Tony and Tamra, married for 14 years, are parents to two kids and everything seemed to go fine until one afternoon roughly couple of years ago when Tony met with a terrible accident while trying to land during a paramotoring session. It was not certain that Tony would make it through. But during all this, Tamra never panicked, even when she was worried to distraction. She kept herself together, managed the kids and fortunately, Tony recovered. Now, the quandary was Tony's how to really convey the immense sense of gratitude and love he felt towards his wife. So, he put a request to the Surprise Squad asking them if they could pay a surprise visit to Tamra at their home. The squad members duly obliged and it indeed was a surprise for Tamra and she, on her part, shared with the squad crew how wonderful a husband and father Tony has been through all these years!

It was touching listening to their story and we once again thank Mr. Don Forman for coming up with this wonderful idea of the Surprise Squad.


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