Transportation News / PR Apex Reveals Why Taking Traffic School Is Almost Always a Bad Move

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Updated 11:38 AM CST, Thu, February 22,2018

Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2018 -- Did you know that when you agree to take traffic school to "eliminate" a speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty, and end up losing more money than if you had not taken traffic school?, the most widely used speeding ticket defense website in the United States, says you are admitting guilt when you agree to take traffic school, and are adding numerous additional costs to your fines.

A spokesperson told us: "Agreeing to take traffic school to "beat" a speeding ticket is you admitting guilt to the accused speed. You then have to pay the ticket fine, and a traffic school enrollment fee, which is usually well over $100. On top of that, when you take traffic school, the county is required to report to the state DMV that you plead guilty. This way when you get another ticket a later date, the state already knows you are a "habitual offender", and they double your fines!" says they hear from drivers every day, who took traffic school for their prior speeding ticket, and find that they are now in "double trouble" for their most recent ticket. The Speedticketbeaters spokesperson continued: "People naively think that traffic school saves them from the trouble associated with a speeding ticket, and it doesn't do that at all. Traffic school actually adds to your fines and driving infraction record. Taking traffic school will follow you around, and haunt you for years to come!"

Speedticketbeaters is all about destroying speeding tickets, and all the costs associated with them. They've been doing that for their customers since 2003. says speeding tickets are amazingly easy to beat, if you get "a good defense". They say that the only smart move when you get a speeding ticket is to truly beat and get rid of all aspects of the ticket… And that they can do that for you, every time. also offers a free consultation to anyone with a current speeding ticket. Customers simply contact them through their website, and they provide detailed advice on how to beat any speeding ticket.

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