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Spark Towing Announces New Santa Ana Location

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Updated 2:20 PM CST, Tue, December 12,2017

Santa Ana, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2017 -- Spark Towing has just announced the opening of a new branch in Santa Ana, adding to the company's growing presence.

Patrick Delgado, Spark Towing manager, says his company is proud to be providing its wide range of professional services to Santa Ana. "Our expansion to more locations is all part our commitment to a 30-minute response time and reaching a broader service area to better serve our clients. Multiple locations allow us greater reach and gives residents greater access to our qualified, professional service."

Spark provides a full range of towing services including flatbed, dolly, long distance and heavy duty. Delgado says deciding the kind of tow and understanding which equipment is required depends on variables such as the vehicle type, distance of the tow, existing damage to the vehicle, and may also be impacted by the location and position of the vehicle. These insights require the knowledge of a seasoned professional who understands the nuances on the tow side and equal knowledge at the dispatch end, to be sure the proper service is delivered.

Delgado says towing can be an effective solution whether it is an everyday situation or something more critical. "It may be a move involving multiple vehicles or a vehicle that has to be transported a long distance and perhaps can't or shouldn't make the journey. Of course, we are also called to very extraordinary situations such as a breakdown in a place where roadside repair might not be possible or where geographic or other challenges make it unsafe."

Spark's team of experts has training in a range of roadside assist services as well, beyond towing, to get drivers on the road quickly and without hassle. Jump start and gas refilling services for instance, he says, are used quite frequently. "Sometimes things happen with even the most experienced driver. You're low on gas but know you can get to your usual station to fill up and then get stuck in traffic and find you can't. Things happen."

Delgado says his team, beyond being professionals in the industry, are drivers just like anyone else. They understand the frustration, the urgency, the emotions that can run high in these situations, and are equally skilled at informing and reassuring the customer.

Another roadside assist service that he says is common, and that additional locations helps the company better serve the community with, is lockout. "A lockout is often a quick fix but often comes at the wort possible time – when you're on your way to work, or rushing off somewhere, in bad weather or worse, in an urgent situation. Having more locations throughout the area means we can get more quickly to people, when and where they need us."

Delgado says the opening of the Santa Ana branch is another step in the company's expansion strategy which intends to grow the company, one location at a time, with a focus on quality service and expanded delivery capabilities. "Having trained people in place ready to go, and ensuring we have the capabilities to expand without compromising our quality or service is key."

Spark Towing currently operates other locations in Anaheim, San Diego, and North Hollywood.

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