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Kiss That Dream Car Hello (And Goodbye)

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Updated 10:32 AM CST, Mon, January 08,2018

Getting behind the wheel of a supercar is now made easily attainable with this luxury service.

Miami Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2018 -- All good things must come to an end they say, and Veluxity Exotic Car Rental with locations in Miami, New York City Tri-State Area, Las Vegas and Chicago is no exception to the rule. Veluxity allows clients to take to the road for hours or days on end in some of the worlds most coveted exotic and luxury cars. The service is simple, choose the car you'd like to rent, provide valid credentials (insurance and driver license) and within half an hour you're on the road. Ronald Petruska, Owner of Veluxity, is no stranger to the exotic car world. "The experience is bittersweet for our clients, it's a strong dose of initial pleasure mixed with a little bit of pain upon drop off of the vehicle. The realization that the experience is coming to an end and it's time to kiss their dream car goodbye can be a tough pill to swallow".

Veluxity has serviced about 2000 clients in it's few years in business. Initially servicing just the Miami Beach Exotic Car Rental market, the company has recently expanded to other cities across the nation in an effort to put as many people in the seat of their dream car as possible. "To get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce is for most, a dream come true" says Ronald. The exotic and luxury car market is a growing trend that can be seen as a substitute for owning one of these vehicles. "When you calculate in the mileage caps, down payments, monthly payments and interest associated with leasing these vehicles from a dealer, you begin to see the appeal in just renting the vehicle one weekend a month from Veluxity" says Ronald. It should be noted that these types of rentals aren't just for the upper echelon, exotic rentals can be used for birthday gifts, wedding services, vacation rental cars or an accessory to business meetings.

With the introduction of social media, the average person now has an average attention span of nine seconds making image more important than ever. "We work often with various marketing agencies, production companies and luxury brands who are looking to add that additional touch to their brand image" says Ronald. But driving an exotic car in Manhattan or Chicago doesn't come without its drawbacks. "Our motto in our NYC and Chicago market is drive, stop, cringe because driving a Lamborghini in the middle of Manhattan can be rather anxiety provoking" says Ronald. He's not kidding, the new Lamborghini Huracan sits only about 135mm off the ground, to put that in perspective an average speed bump is between 76mm and 102mm high, there is very little room for error. Though exotic car rental comes with it's fair share of small drawbacks, it's safe to say not many will be turning down this experience over speed bumps anytime soon.

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