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J-Tech Provides Solutions to the Highway Safety Industry with Products Including Attenuator Trucks, Pattern Trucks, and More

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Mon, April 16,2018

Chester Springs, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2018 -- J-Tech, headquartered in Chester Springs, PA, provides solutions to the highway safety industry with products that include attenuator trucks, pattern trucks, arrow boards, and much more. Founded in 1993, J-Tech has more than two decades in the industry, and it's a recognized leader nationwide in regards to both products and services in the industry.

Attenuator trucks are equipped with attenuators manufactured by TrafFix and distributed by J-Tech; they use a patented alloy that bends instead of cracking to absorb energy in the case of an impact. J-Tech offers various makes and models of truck-mounted attenuators depending on the needs and preferences of their customers. No matter which attenuator a customer chooses though, they can rest assured it will do its job and serve them well for years to come.

J-Tech's DLS pattern trucks feature a Dynamic Lift System (DLS) to hydraulically raise and lower vertical panels with the push of a button. These trucks provide a safe and stable platform while redirecting traffic on busy roads and highways. They can also speed jobs up to 40%.

J-Tech is an authorized install and repair facility for the TrafFix Devices Scorpion truck-mounted and trailer-mounted attenuators. In fact, the company is one of the premier builders and dealers in highway safety attenuator trucks and has been serving the transportation industry for about a quarter of a century.

Whether someone is seeking attenuator trucks, pattern trucks, radar speed signs, or another type of highway equipment, they can turn to J-Tech. To learn more about their highway solutions, contact the company at 610-816-0380 or visit them at

About J-Tech
J-Tech, based in Chester Springs, PA, was founded in 1993. This company sells, rents, and custom builds attenuator trucks, including crash, cushion, and pattern trucks. Through an extensive dealer network that spans across the United States, they also repair and rebuild vents, pumps, valves, and tank wash spinners for the tank truck industry as well as a provide a variety of other products and services.

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