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Introducing SRM Performance Products's Retro-Fit Ducati Fuel Injection System

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Updated 9:30 AM CDT, Wed, March 29,2017

As technology advances, it is a shame to see the vehicles of the past being left behind. Here to help modernize a series of Ducati bikes is a newly innovated Fuel Injection system by SRM Performance Products Ltd.

Bulls, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2017 -- As time marches on, new innovations continue to arise. What was once the leading edge of the past is now a collection of outdated systems that are being phased out of use. Shamefully, many vehicles and other beloved pieces of technology are never given the opportunity to upgrade to newer techniques and systems, so the vehicles eventually become outdated at the expense of the owner.

This is the exact situation that is encompassing fuel supply systems in cars and motorcycles. In the 1880's the predominant fuel supply system was the carburettor, a simple, yet ingenious system that used few moving parts and only the concept of Bernoulli's principle. However, this system is becoming outdated as it is not able to adapt to varying throttle levels. Today, Electronic Fuel Injection systems or EFI's are used to replace the carburettor. Through precise and mechanical calculation, EFI's can be fuel efficient no matter the situation. Today an up and coming company by the name of SRM Performance Products is proud to present and EFI retrofitted for installation on 91-97 900SS Ducati bikes.

This cost effective Electronic Fuel Injected system produced by SRM Performance Products is used to replace the ignition and feeling system and gives better performance potential for those that are wanting to upgrade their bikes with a programmable Ignitec ignition system and Kehin 41mm carburetors. In turn, The EFI can give the motorcycle better potentially better performance tuning and fuel efficiency, allow it to meet the emission standards that have become so prominent in recent times. The EFI system works primarily on aircooled 900cc Ducati bikes as well as any Ducati bikes that have a similar drive system to the 900 engine with just a bit of retrofitting. The EFI system includes an optimized ECU, a wiring harness, an ignition pick up system, a carbon fibre custom airbox and ducting alongside cables and twist grip. As an added benefit, the SRM Performance Products' EFI kit is easily tuneable for injection and ignition timing, allowing motor heads to customize the EFI system to their heart's desire based on what modifications have been done to the engine and exhaust systems. Due to the configuration of the system each cylinder can be tuned independently to allow for unequal length exhaust tracts.

To generate enough preorders to keep the price of the final product low, the SRM Performance Products team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the Kickstarter campaign, early supporters can select from a variety of packages, each of which include the EFI alongside a collection of goodies. With the support of readers, SRM Performance Products hopes to keep Ducati bikes alive and well, give the best possible performance, running on the roads with better gas mileage all while meeting emissions standards.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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