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Get Shrink Film and PVC Box at Durapak Supplies

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Updated 10:56 AM CST, Wed, December 27,2017

South El Monte, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2017 -- Durapak Supplies is an enterprise offering packaging and shipping products either for household or industrial use. Some of these products include containers, plastic bags and paper bags, custom poly bags, cable ties and twist ties, sealer and equipment, organza fabric bags, gloves to mention a few. Durapak sells all their products are sold online, and they ship them to clients straight from their warehouse in California within 24 hours. Since the company has set high industry standards and had years in the industry clients are guaranteed top-notch services and excellent products at the best prices.

Speaking of polyolefin shrink film, the Sales Manager said, "One huge advantage of polyolefin shrink film is its outstanding clarity. Latest improvements have made polyolefin shrink film as good regarding clarity as PVC shrink film. Also, its shrinkage proportions measuring over 55% in all directions are as good as the industry requires. If you are familiar with PVC, you will note that polyolefin shrink film will need greater shrink temperatures than PVC. In common with PVC shrink film, polyolefin shrink film can be worked with semi-automatic or automatic heat shrinking equipment or manually. Cross-link polyolefin shrink film is even sturdier, clearer, and has a greater shrinkage proportion compared to regular polyolefin shrink film, and it is ideal for complete automatic high-speed shrink packaging machines."

Highly resistant to wear and tear, polyolefin shrink film is ideal for use with irregular and regular shaped items. It is soft and flexible, and due to this, it can never be accused of being too delicate. Polyolefin shrink film is also sturdy. In fact, polyolefin shrink film with a gauge of 60 is stronger than a PVC shrink film with a thicker 75 gauge. As a result of its strength and relative cost being the cheaper compared to PVC, it is better value for money, since one gets more per square foot for money than they do with PVC.

The Sales Manager said, "We offer high-quality shrink film for sale as well as brilliant stretch wrap films that have an exceptional cling and great stretchability. Our stretch wrap films have better performance than 70-gauge standard stretch film and are engineered using innovative multilayer technology using high- performance octene and hexene polymers that make the rolls firmer and the wraps tighter. Our stretch wrap films are also designed to save material. Hence they save money. The stretch films are commonly used in warehouse, moving transportation and shipping, and if you buy our stretch films, we award you a substantial discount."

Buyers looking for clear plastic boxes for sale should get them from Durapak Supplies for these reasons. Their clear plastic bags have great clarity making it easy to display products, are decent looking, and can flip open on both sides. These boxes also have a very sturdy design and construction, and they come flat, and they can be easily assembled before use. Lastly, they enhance the attractiveness of products and can be used to package gifts as well as a range of retail products.

About Durapak Supplies
Durapak Supplies is an enterprise that sells a range of PVC boxes hence those looking to buy PVC box online can contact them if they wish to buy from them.

Contact Details:
Company Name: Durapak Supplies
1900 Tyler Avenue, Ste N, South El Monte, Ca 91733, USA
Tel: 1-877-DURAPAK (3872725)
Fax: 626-737-1726

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