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Freedom Insurance Group Inc. Reminds Customers to Get Their Vehicles Ready for the Upcoming Summer Months

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Wed, June 21,2017

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2017 -- Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., a low-cost insurance provider that serves Bensalem, PA and other areas, wants to remind its customers that just like vehicles should be checked before winter, they should also be prepped for the summer months as well. In fact, a little bit of summer maintenance on vehicles will be beneficial for those planning on taking summer roads trips this year.

One of the first things that a driver should check is a vehicle's coolant system to make sure it's running efficiently and effectively. This ensures the engine stays cool during those hot summer months. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. also suggests checking the radiator and hoses for any leaks or cracks, and strive for 200 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the engine from overheating. It's also advisable to keep an eye on the temperature gauge located on the dashboard to take immediate action, should the engine get too hot.

If a vehicle is still wearing its winter tires, it may also be time to switch over to summer tires. A new set of tires will provide better tread and added fuel efficiency. To switch tires, take a spare set of rims to a local mechanic, and they can quickly make the change. Another alternative is purchasing all-season tires, which is less hassle as the seasons change.

Lastly, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. urges its customers to get their brakes checked. Summer is the season most conducive to rainy and wet weather, and wet brakes are incredibly dangerous. Hot weather can increase the temperature of the brake pad system, thus causing brake pad erosion. Talk to a mechanic to see if it's time for a brake pad upgrade, for safe and smooth driving.

Sometimes automobile accidents can be unavoidable, even after all of the above checks have been done. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. not only offers affordable car insurance policies, but they also have many other policies including renters, life, and home insurance available to residents of Bensalem, PA and many other areas of Eastern PA. To update a current policy, or purchase a new one, contact the company today 215-375-7733.

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