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Dynamic Towing Announces New Equipment Towing Service

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Updated 12:28 PM CST, Tue, November 07,2017

Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2017 -- Toronto based Dynamic Towing has just announced the addition of a new equipment towing service to round out the company's existing full line of tow services and capabilities.

Dave Miller, marketing manager, says the new service will allow the company to move equipment ranging from heavy machinery, forklifts, and other construction and maintenance types of equipment, to heavy residential and personal use equipment.

He says with all of the construction and major work going on in the GTA, the new service will work to take the burden off contractors, subcontractors, and others who use heavy equipment. "There are times when a piece of equipment is needed for a job but then not needed at the next. Instead of their own crews using potential revenue generating hours returning the equipment to the shop or yard, our tow crews can handle the job, letting the crew get on to the next customer."

Miller says other possibilities may be homeowners taking on their own renovation or landscaping work who may require specialized equipment or materials.

Other equipment Dynamic is able to tow includes containers that require transfer, lifts, boom lifts, excavators, scrapers and tractors. "We can move sport cars, wood, stone … basically anything that shouldn't or can't be driven down the highway or anything too big or heavy for a typical van or truck, we can manage."

The Dynamic Towing team, he says, is equipped and experienced handling all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy trucks and everything in between. He says they will apply their expertise and know-how equally to the new task.

Ensuring staff are properly trained and equipped with top notch tools and equipment has always been a priority for Dynamic and key to its success over time. He says the team has built its expertise and capacity slowly and deliberately. "We take our time and service guarantees seriously so we want to be sure we aren't over-reaching, that we are always able to deliver what we promise. That same philosophy applies to our new service. We have the capacity to maintain and serve both streams of clients with the same level of focus and commitment."

Being a Toronto based company, he says his company has the added advantage of knowing the area. This means they can respond quickly and effectively to any situation. That knowledge extends to dispatch who know the ins and outs of the Don Valley during rush hour and can locate the driver who may not be closer geographically to a customer, but will get there more quickly because of differences in typical traffic patterns.

The company also offers dolly and flatbed, long distance towing and accident removal services. Given the amount of traffic in the GTA, he says all of Dynamic's services requires a specific ability and focus on safety. "Breaking down is never a good thing. Breaking down at 4:30 in the afternoon on the 401 is a serious safety risk."

Miller says this is one of the reasons quick response and efficiency are not only key but necessary.

Beyond towing, Dynamic also offers a range of roadside assistance services. Whether it is a flat tire, dead battery, out of gas, broken key or other similar situation, tow drivers are trained to resolve the issue then and there, where possible, to get drivers back on the road safely and quickly.

Miller says Dynamic is pleased to be able to offer this new service to businesses and residents of the GTA.

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