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A Queen Limousine Shares Why the Ride-Sharing Apocalypse Won't Be Coming

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Mon, March 23,2015

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2015 -- Ever since ride-sharing apps came to cities, members of the luxury transportation industry have expressed fears that the Four Horsemen will arrive in a banged-up Honda Civic. But they can all put down their megaphones: ride-share apps are not the harbinger of doom for limo service providers in Delaware County, or anywhere else. Read on to learn why A Queen Limousine is confident that ride-sharing's reign on earth just won't going to happen.

Their Technology is Not Exclusive

The ground transportation industry's most pressing concern when it comes to ride-sharing apps is these companies' image as developers of cutting-edge technology. Since ride-sharing apps arrange a meeting of driver and rider via a mobile app, these companies have established a public perception that they are tech innovators.

But that's all it is: a perception. While it's true that limousine companies will have to integrate mobile technology with their reservation procedures in order to compete, many are already doing that. For instance, A Queen Limousine already mobile-optimizes their online reservation services.

Ride-Sharing Apps' Accommodations are Limited

If ride-sharing app companies want to expand their markets and keep growing, they will have to provide higher standards of service. However, with their current business models, this kind of improvement is nigh impossible. How can a company with no intensive training structure in place expect its drivers to conduct airport concierge services or learn the tricks to navigating in and out of congested areas, such a Philadelphia sporting event?

Easy answer: they can't. Especially when companies like A Queen Limousine offers their luxury chauffeuring services at competitive rates.

As an established, committed ground transportation company, they have the expertise to train their drivers in five-star hospitality. Even when ride-share drivers are timely and amicable, they still don't have that kind of dedication to service.

Safety is a Pressing Concern

Ride-sharing app companies do not claim responsibility for their drivers' behavior—neither do insurance companies. So, travelers requesting a driver via a ride-sharing app, do so at their own risk. On the other hand, A Queen Limousine's drivers are experienced, professional and have been screened for any potential risks. The company also complies with industry regulations by taking responsibility for the behavior of their drivers.

Crackdowns Are Gaining Momentum

Ride-sharing apps' legality has been in question from the start. Since they enable private citizens to act as commercial livery providers, they inhabit a legal gray zone. To combat this issue, lawmakers are putting greater pressure on ride-sharing app companies to obey industry regulations and to better look out for their riders' well-being.

Clientele looking for a limo service in Camden County, and the surrounding areas, don't have to worry about that. A Queen Limousine complies with all applicable transportation laws, pays careful attention to safety, and is committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience. And as we all know, developing those qualities takes much longer than downloading an app.

To learn more about the luxury vehicles and professional service that you can't expect from a ride-sharing app, visit A Queen Limousine's website.

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