MXI has been in business since 1961, originally founded in 1960 by C.G. Potter as a drayage company, the business diversified and flourished under its current President and CEO Ronald Potter who assumed ownership in 1987. Ron Potter first ventured into the waste management industry when he secured an A901 in New Jersey allowing MXI operating as Maumee Express Inc. to haul hazardous, universal, and solid waste materials for disposal. Since then he has built the trucking company into a premier national provider of regulated waste hauling with a network of service centers in Abingdon, VA, Sumter, SC, Langhorne, PA, and Fontana, CA. Recognizing that the industrial and commercial customers needed assistance with environmental projects, Mr. Potter added an environmental services division in the 1990’s named MXI Environmental Services, LLC. Collectively the companies are known as MXI. Over the years, MXI expanded its activity as a transporter of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. In order to grow and diversify the company’s capabilities, Mr. Potter decided to establish a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) designed to accommodate both resource recovery and recycling of ethanol based products. In 2000 MXI purchased property in Abingdon VA and began construction on MXI’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Upon completion in 2001, MXI was issued a permit by rule to operate an MRF in the state of Virginia. MXI subsequently secured a Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) permit from the ATF. The MRF gives the company the capacity to: • Stabilize and Dispose of Non RCRA Solids, Liquids and Sludge's • Recycling and Disposal of Universal Wastes • Recycling and Disposal of Household Hazardous Wastes • Recycling and Disposal of Off Spec. & Out of Date Consumer Packaged products • Recovery and Recycling of Ethanol based products • Fuel blending or stabilization of liquids • Recovery of Non RCRA aerosols • Recycling of latex paint MXI has implemented several technologies to process these materials and focuses on reuse and recycling. The MXI process direct hundreds of tons of waste each year for recycling and reuse including paints, oil, antifreeze, solvents, corrosives and assorted chemicals. MXI endeavors to reuse or recycle as much material as possible. If that is not an option, MXI then focuses on fuels blending to recapture thermal value of waste. When fuels blending is not an option, MXI utilizes RCRA and non-RCRA incineration, solidification and landfill, and waste water treatment and options. In 2000, MXI managed the company’s first HHW contract. The company has grown into the premiere HHW event manager in the Northeast portion of the country. Since 2000 we have run over 1,000 jobs for various municipal and state clients. The company website contains multiple letters of recommendation from clients attesting to our ability to perform. With a large staff of highly trained and experienced Project Managers, Chemists and Waste Management Technicians MXI has the capability to simultaneously staff multiple large events. MXI has continued to grow in terms of new capabilities. In 2011, MXI secured a GSA Contract (GS-10F0013Y). In 2013 the Latex Paint Recycling program begun and MXI has grown into a leading provider of Latex Paint Recycling Services. In 2016 MXI opened its new DSP in Bristol TN, tripling its alcohol recycling capacity. MXI plans to continually improve our process for providing our customers with the highest quality transportation and waste processing capabilities. The company has grown the trucking division from 3 trucks to over 80 and the environmental services division into the premiere HHW service provider in the country. MXI is in business for the long haul and is committed to assisting our community in developing and implementing the best technology possible to reduce environmental exposure for our community and the world as a whole. The mission is to do everything possible to leave the world a better place for the next generation and the environment we live in.

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