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Alderfer Glass Is Currently Taking Orders for Bathroom Mirrors Throughout the New Year

As the leading provider of bathroom mirrors in Center Valley, PA, Alderfer Glass is scheduling orders for their products throughout January 2020 and the rest of the year. For almost 60 years, the company has provided residential and commercial glass solutions, including flat sheet mirrors, custom shapes, antique mirrors, and framed mirrors. Their team has recently advised on the benefits that bathroom mirrors offer for both home and business owners.

Gary Barbera Previewed Bill Murray "Groundhog Day" Jeep® Brand Commercial During the Big Game

LogoGary Barbera previewed Bill Murray in his "Groundhog Day" Jeep® Brand commercial that was launched during the Big Game last night and knew it would be the most talked about Big Game ad.

Gary Barbera and the Barbera Family Would Like to Congratulate Their Friend Coach Andy Reid on His Big Game Day Win

LogoA Big Game Congratulations goes to our friend, Coach Andy Reid (Big Red) from Philly and the Barbera Family.

Lapel Pin Planet Creates Unique Animal Lapel Pins as a Perfect Gifting Option

Lapel Pin Planet is a family-run business that creates exquisite and uniquely crafted animal lapel pins that have become popular gifting options for clients across the country. From bear pins to paw print lapel pins, there are plenty of choices for customers now

YellowBird Bus Company Provides Safe and Affordable Bachelor Party Transportation

A bachelor or bachelorette party can be one of the best memories of a bride or groom's life—or it can be a night that ends in tragedy. Far too many bachelor and bachelorette party attendees harm themselves and others by driving home after drinking. Thankfully, there's a solution that helps keep groups together and prevents drunk driving — hiring a bachelorette party bus in Philadelphia, PA from YellowBird Bus Company.

Gary Barbera's Holy Jeep on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, the Big Game and a Holy Jeep Commercial

LogoFCA announces Jeep® brand to present one 60-second commercial during the Big Game on Sunday, February 2.

Gary Barbera Advanced Big Game Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer Preview

LogoSee the Big Game Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer full color page business section for more information.

Gary Barbera Is Moving His Don't Text and Drive Display out of the King of Prussia Mall

LogoHurry for your chance to enter and win $25,000 or a vehicle.

WeGuard Introduces AI with WeTalk

LogoBenefits of AI provided by WeTalk: A must have for a multilingual workforce

The Top 3 Difficulties a Removal Company Faces

LogoA professional removal service is one that many take for granted. Without such assistance, thousands of people would not be able to move their collected belongings from A to B. Like any service, it does not magically appear, but what do such companies have to deal with on the business side of things? And how do they solve those problems?

Origin Cash for Cars Is Bringing a New Breath to the Car Removal Industry

LogoOrigin Cash For Cars prides itself with innovative services that are adapted to the urgent needs of car sellers

With the Big Game Approaching, Philly and the Barbera Family Are Congratulating and Cheering on Friend, Coach Andy Reid (Big Red)

LogoIn 2002 just as Columbia was about to release the first Spider-Man Movie, Dodge Provided 2 Spider-Man Vipers for a Cingular Wireless Sweepstakes. The Spider-Man Dodge Vipers were painted with a Marvel Spider-Man theme.

Gary Barbera Is Putting a Grand in Your Hand Again and Again, and Again on Power 99, Q102, Radio 104.5, Wdas 105.3, Fox Sports and the Breeze 106.1

LogoWin $1000 dollars every weekday hour from 6 am until 9 pm with Gary Barbera and Power 99, Q102, 104.5, WDAS 105.3, Fox Sports, and The Breeze 106.

Gary Barbera's Big, Bad, Bodacious, Back-to-Back Motortrend Ram Truck of the Year Is Also the Luxury Car of the Year

LogoGary Barbera has rows rows and more rows of big, bad, bodacious, back-to-back Motortrend Truck of the Year and now Luxury “Car” of the Year-Rams.

3 Ways to Help Protect Your Windshield This Winter

Winter is one of the most popular seasons for auto glass damage. During the winter season, small rocks, pebbles, and chunks of road salt can more easily get caught in tires and fly up, damaging a driver's windshield. Additionally, the harsh cold temperatures can cause even a new windshield to warp and contract, making it more prone to cracking and breakage. This season, Peruzzi Collision Center is urging drivers to avoid a more expensive repair by scheduling their auto glass repairs before a small crack becomes a major issue.

Philly Car Guy Gary Barbera Remembers Gifted Lee Iacocca with Viper #1

LogoGary Barbera has a framed signed picture of Lee Iacocca, his Viper #1 and the original title proudly displayed in the Gary Barbera on the Boulevard FCA's #1 Volume Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Chrysler dealership in Philadelphia, Roosevelt Boulevard. Gary Barbera remembers fondly the day Mr. Iacocca was so duly gifted the first production Dodge Viper RT/10 #001 by Dodge Dealers in 1992. "There would not be Gary Barbera's 300 Jeeps Cheap without the Legendary Iacocca!" All FCA (Chrysler Corporation) dealers and countless individuals and entities in the automotive industry owe Mr. Iacocca their forever gratitude for his product innovation and dedication to saving Chrysler Corporation in late 70's.

Gary Barbera on the Boulevard Receives JD Power Customer First Recipient for Excellence

LogoIt was Chrysler Customer First, then Dodge Charger and Chrysler Pacesetter, then Chrysler 5 Star…. The name of the award may change but the meaning stays the same – Gary Barbera on the Boulevard has achieved this distinction for decades- 3 decades since inception.

KYW's Rasa Kaye Reports Carson Wentz's Car Available at Gary Barbera on the Boulevard

LogoListen as KYW’s Rasa Kaye reports on Carson Wentz's Dodge Demon below.

PA Auto Credit Encourages Responsible Pet Adoption This Season

Nearly every child in America begs for a puppy at some point in his or her life. Unfortunately, not many children understand the full cost and time commitment that raising a puppy requires. The post-holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for shelters, as parents give up puppies and dogs bought for children as presents. This season, PA Auto Credit is encouraging anyone considering adding a furry friend to their family to adopt a foster pet instead of buying a dog from a pet store.

Congratulations to Our Friend Andy Reid (Big Red)

LogoIn 2002 just as Columbia was about to release the first Spider-Man Movie, Dodge Provided 2 Spider-Man Vipers for a Cingular Wireless Sweepstakes. The Spider-Man Dodge Vipers were painted with a Marvel Spider-Man theme.

AudioCityUSA Offers AC Forged Wheels Made with 6061 Aluminum Material

LogoAn unrivalled name in the aftermarket automotive industry, AudioCityUSA offers AC Forged wheels that are custom made out of the highest grade 6061 aluminum material. These rims are an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate in lightweight, strong, and classy looking wheels. The company provides a plethora of AC Forged wheels including 22" Staggered AC Forged Wheels AC313 Brushed Face with Chrome Lip Three Piece Rims, 20" Staggered AC Forged Wheels AC312 Brushed Face with Chrome Lip Three Piece Rims, 19" AC Forged Wheels AC313 Matte Black Face with Carbon Fiber Lip Three Piece Rims and various others.

Two Wheeler Rental Aggregator Platform: GoBikes

LogoBike on rent in Delhi, Bike Rental in delhi

Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics Discusses the Major Differences Between Wrap and Paint

Anyone looking to modify a vehicle's appearance has two options to choose from: paint or wrap. Each method has its own advantages, so it can be hard to pick one over the other. Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics, the outstanding van vehicle wrap company near New Castle County, DE, would like to explain the main difference between vinyl wrapping and painting a vehicle.

Nanotechnology Company TriboTEX Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Crowdfund over $1 Million for Military Research

LogoThe Colfax based nanotechnology company aims to obtain funding for research with U.S. Air Force Base, AFWERX.

Anjer Inc. Offers Rentals for All Business Shipping Needs

Organizations across the globe depend on the safe transportation of their goods and services to maintain their success. However, they may not always have the resources to own and operate their own transportation fleet, leaving them searching for rental solutions to continue operating their businesses. Other companies may be growing at an unprecedented rate and require immediate rental transportation to keep up with demand, as they search for the best deals on trailers and liftgates for sale in New Castle County and other nearby areas. As always, Anjer Inc. is proud to be a trusted provider of rental road trailers and storage trailers for businesses far and wide.