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Scott Tucker Hosts First Annual "Touch a Truck" for Families

The site that brings families actively together, Our Family Fun Night, will feature Scott Tucker's "Touch A Truck" event. The event, scheduled for early May, will bring large vehicles to the community and make them available for hands-on play. Parents and children will be able to touch, feel, climb, and pose for photos with the vehicles.

Noxudol USA Now Offers Eco-Friendly Solvent-Free Rust Protection Products Online

LogoNoxudol USA has now come up with a superior line of OEM specified rust protection products that are engineered and manufactured by the team of experienced professionals to provide the most advanced rust protection products for all kinds of motor vehicles and industrial equipment. All the products available at Noxudol USA are approved by the most prestige car manufacturers worldwide.

PFS Auto Repair Partners with BizIQ

PFS Auto Repair, a full-service auto repair shop serving residents of the Lansing area, has announced a partnership with BizIQ, a digital marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona and specializing in serving small businesses throughout North America.

Third Party Logistics Company, Amware Fulfillment, LLC, Offers Multi-Channel Logistics Services

LogoOver the years of advancement in technology, online marketing and sales have increased to a large extent. Direct selling is something that every company offers, promising fast and safe delivery. That's why the number of logistics and warehousing facilities has increased drastically. Amware Fulfillment, LLC, a third party logistics company, now offers multi-channel logistics services. With the increase in demand, companies dealing in online marketing realized that the handling of system and infrastructure in the traditional way was not enough to cater to multi-channel distribution.

Cirkers, a Renowned Art Handler, Now Offers Fine Art Storage in NYC

LogoAncient art pieces have great history and work associated with them, thus, they are of great value sentimentally as well as economically. As they are quite old, special measures need to be taken to store them safely. It is usually weather, humidity, pests and accidents that lead to the destruction of these priceless pieces of art. Museums and art galleries often choose to hire the professional company, Cirkers, to avoid these problems. Cirkers is a renowned art handler that now offers fine art storage in NYC. The facilities provided by the company are highly-secure and offer the apt environment for storing valuable art pieces.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 10,900 Land Rover Parts and Accessories

LogoLand Rover is one of a few automotive brands that only sell SUVs. Also, if it just so happens that a Land Rover vehicle needs any repairs or replacements, its owner tends to only go after the best aftermarket parts. As a leading online auto parts retailer, Parts Geek is a company that makes it a priority to only offer the highest quality aftermarket parts and accessories. In fact, they are pleased to announce that they are now offering over 10,900 affordable and high-quality Land Rover parts and accessories.

RW Holdart, International Antique and Art Storage Provider, Now Offers Fine Art Storage in Los Angeles

LogoRetaining their name as one of the most reliable providers of art storage solutions, RW Holdart, International Antique and Art Storage Provider, now offers Fine Art Storage in Los Angeles. Individuals who are seeking perfect storage for their expensive fine art and antique pieces can count on the company for providing the finest quality art storage at affordable prices. The storage facilities provided by the company are extremely safe and secure and are considered ideal for keeping fine art and other sophisticated collections that require specialized handling.

Stealth Plate Store Offers Advanced Stealth License Plate

License plates are a must have in vehicles like trucks, cars, buses, motorbikes, etc. Different countries have laws and regulations on vehicle number plates. Stealth Plate is an online professional store selling a wide range of license plate in various shapes and sizes. The vehicle registration plate changer products come with all the necessary features for the user. These light weight and metal made products are more than handy. In some of the product categories, the company has as much as 200 units within the stock.

Opulently Driven Launches New Website to Promote London Based Limousine Services

Mayfair is one of the most expensive and exclusive post codes in London, one of the most expensive and exclusive cities in the world. As a result, the demand for luxury goods is never higher than in Mayfair, which also means that the standards there must be the highest for those who hope to provide such goods and services. Mayfair based Opulently Driven is a premier limousine service. Their chauffeur driven cars include the finest models of the most prestigious marques, including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Maybach, and Range Rover. They have just launched a new website to promote their services to a broader clientele.

First Choice Orlando Limo Service Offers Professional Tips to Choose the Best Limo Service

LogoThe key is to do your homework. Below are seven tips to select the best limo service for your needs.

K1 Removals Launches New Website to Promote London Moving Services Online

Moving house is well known to be one of the most stressful experiences in life. The belongings people keep in their homes represent a lifetime of accumulated memories, treasures and essentials, none of which can afford to be lost or broken in the process. Despite that, they are packed, squeezed and wedged in to a van which makes valuables vulnerable to the vagaries of the open road. K1 Removals do things differently, and use the latest tools and approaches together with a highly skilled team to provide best-in-class moving and removal services. They have just launched a new website to promote these services online.

Renting on the Rise: Elephant Removals Comments

According to recent figures put forward by The Guardian, a growing trend in the property market due for 2015 is to become a private tenant – and thus, the rise of renting property. Up on one percentage point from last year - now at 19% -households those who live in rented property are on the increase.

Recovery in Used Car Sales Set to Continue Throughout 2015, Says BCA Used Car Market Report

Sales of used cars have been growing steadily for five years. According to the BCA Used Car Market Report, this growth is a result of several improving financial factors. Low inflation, growing employment rates and rising house prices all played a role in improving consumer confidence and helping them to find the cash to invest in a used car.

Weak Supply Chain Could Slow New Car Production in the UK

Inward investment into the UK car-manufacturing sector is at an all time high, but the number of suppliers available to provide the parts for car manufacturers is at an all time low. Over the past 20 years, virtually every large 'tier one' supplier stopped manufacturing in the UK and moved abroad. This means that the majority of the parts that go into the new cars manufactured in the UK have to come from abroad. The supply chain for UK car manufacturers is far more complex and therefore more vulnerable than it was two decades ago, which is the last time the car industry was strong in the UK.

Honda Launches Innovative YouTube Ad Campaign

This unusual advert was though up and produced by the mcgarry bowen agency in London. The video shows a new Honda CR-V driving through a changing landscape on a loop road. It looks great, but at first does not appear to be very different from a standard car advert.

The Number of New Car Registrations in the UK Has Reached the Highest Levels This Century

During March 2015, the number of new cars registered rose by 6% across the UK as a whole. The registration plate update always provides a boost for the car industry, but this year demand has been at the highest level for fifteen years. It follows on the heels of nearly six years of falling sales due to the recession.

New Pension Rules Expected to Give UK Car Sales a Boost

This huge change in the personal finance rules is probably the biggest in modern times. The change means that those aged over 55 will be able to release their defined contribution from their pension fund.

Autorola Says, the Average Price Paid for a Used Car in the UK Has Risen in 2015

Autorola, who is the UK's biggest remarketing portal, released the figures at the start of April. Their research showed that during Q1 of 2015, the average price of a used car went up from £8,484 to £8,624.This £140 increase is an important one for an industry that has been struggling to make a profit for several years. For the past five years the amount of profit made on each sale has been falling, so any increase in the average price paid is important.

Honda UK Manufacturing (HUM) Announced Investing of £200m in Their Swindon Plant

In March, HUM announced that they would be investing £200m in their Swindon plant. This investment in the South Marsden plant, which is located on Highworth Road, is expected to create 3,000 jobs.

Holiday RV South Adds Forest River Surveyor to Travel Trailer Lineup

Jeremiah Webb, National Sales Manager for Holiday RV South, has announced the recent addition of the Forest River Surveyor to their lineup of new travel trailers. "The decision to add the Surveyor was in no small part driven by our incredible success with the Forest River R Pod. We are easily the largest R Pod dealer in Colorado, but we found that a lot of people who check out the R Pod decide they want something a little more spacious. The Surveyor is a natural fit for those buyers. It's similar to the R-Pod in many ways, but it provides the added space these buyers are looking for for just a few dollars more."

Baja Limo Signs One Year Contract as Limousine Provider to the Sacramento Rivercats

When people need to travel in style, a limousine service is the only way to do it. Few people can afford to have a chauffeur driven vehicle on standby at all times for their exclusive use, so limousine companies provide services for all manner of occasions, from corporate hire to wedding parties to celebrities attending concerts or sports personalities attending big games. Baja Limo is Northern California's biggest luxury transportation specialist, and has just signed a contract to provide all transportation for the Sacramento Rivercats. Announces New Job Postings Are Shared Every Day

America's Driver Job List announces new truck driving jobs are listed daily on the website, and carriers are able to post these truck driver jobs for free. Individuals needing local driving jobs or those who wish for an OTR driving job appreciate being able to browse numerous listings in one location. Carriers appreciate being able to reach thousands of drivers interested in available job openings, and drivers and carriers find it is easy to connect with the help of this site.

Barry Ratcliffe Is "In Like a Lion" on the Latest Maxon Car Commercials for New Jersey

LogoActor Barry Ratcliffe brings his unique style of energy and personality to the Maxon car ads in many ways, but the ad for March infuses cliches with the comedy of costumes.

Maryland Charter Transportation Company Chesapeake Charter to Celebrate 36 Years of Successful Service

Since its inception in the month of July in 1979, the Maryland charter transportation company Chesapeake has been providing school bus and motorcoach transportation services under the spear head of Founder and President, John J. Lonergan, Jr. The company will soon be celebrating the completion of 36 years of successfully providing their customers safe, reliable service at competitive rates.

Hyundai Concept Called the Enduro Has Been Unveiled

A new Hyundai concept called the Enduro has been unveiled, hinting at the firm's intentions to enter the compact crossover market.