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Driverless Vehicles Designed for Small Manufacturers Now Available from Vecna Robotics

LogoJohn Hayes, vice president at Vecna Robotics, explained how technology has advanced so that driverless vehicles are cost effective for small manufacturers in the recent issue of Automation and Controls Today magazine.

Ad Graphics Signs Offers Quality Van Wraps in Chalmette and Elmwood LA

Ad Graphics Signs brings the best to their customer regarding promotional medium. The company is well known for offering a wide range of advertising solutions that help business owners from big to small reach out to their target audience in large numbers without any time constraint. Every business nowadays sells on the way it advertises. With the competition high in the market, the one thing that matters for all business owners is to get seen and do what is needed to stay in that place longer. Effective advertising takes place when the impression created is a lasting one, and Ad Graphics Signs helps in doing just that.

AutoAwards' "Keep It Local" – Dealerships Keep Downtown Business Thriving in the Face of Online Commerce

LogoAutoAwards reports continued growth of their "Keep it Local" network. "Keep it Local" was launched in 2012 as a turn-key tool for automotive dealerships to create a network of hand-picked local business that offer exclusive perks and discounts to their customers. Similar to the American Express, "Shop Small" campaign, "Keep it Local" connects dealerships with local brick-and-mortar merchants in the community that provide exclusive ongoing offers to the dealerships' customers. With hundreds of participating partners, the "Keep it Local" program is now found in cities across the United States and in Canada. Each dealership selects their merchant partners and the AutoAwards team interviews potential partners and handles the logistics of developing an offer and managing the relationship. It is a full time marketing program that drives downtown business in a world of growing on-line retailing.

Amera Medical Simplifies Transportation Medical Appointment in Austin and San Antonio TX

For those looking for quick, reliable non-emergency ambulatory service, Amera Medical Transportation Solutions is the right destination to come forward. A patient's need for medical transportation is often extended beyond the initial hospital visit or admission to the emergency room. Many a time, patients need follow-up checkups and ongoing treatments which call for medical transportation from facilities such as dialysis treatment, chemotherapy transportation, radiation treatment transportation and so on. This is where Amera Medical Transportation Solution comes in.

Amera Medical Offers Quick and Comfortable Transportation to Hospital in Austin and Dallas

Amera Medical Transportation with their fleets ranging from air ambulance transportation to wheel chair vehicles to their luxury SUVs is glad to assist their customers and clients in all their ambulatory needs to transport them to their destination. Be it a follow-up check-up with the doctor or other medical needs, Amera Medical Transportation is sure to help the patients with transportation medical appointment in Austin and San Antonio TX.

People Trading in Diesel Cars for Hybrid and Electric Models: Swiftlease Comments

Diesel cars currently account for approximately 4 out of 10 cars on UK roads, but this figure is set to shrink dramatically in coming months following the emissions scandal. 23% of diesel car drivers have said that next time they switch their cars they will go for hybrid or electric models instead. The number of people driving petrol cars is also anticipated to rise.

Drop-A-Box: A Convenient Portable Moving and Storage Company

With the warmer weather comes more opportunities to move, and those that are interested in portable moving and storage in Bethlehem, PA are encouraged to use Drop-A-Box's services.

Discount Charter Bus Rental Announces New Website Promotional Grand Opening

Discount Charter Bus Rental, a new, full-service charter bus rental and oversight company that works to provide clients with discounted and affordable transportation options, this week announced that on Saturday July 22, they will be launching their new website promotional Grand Opening.

Top Tips for Valuing a Property: Elephant Removals Comments

Ham&High Property, an online property site providing tips and advice for people moving homes, have recently updated their blog and published an article which is titled 'How much is my house really worth? 7 tips for valuing your home like an expert'. Moving homes can be an exciting time for many, however the stress of now being able to value a home can overwhelm many.

Best Cars to Purchase in 2017: Get Car Leasing Here Comments

Auto Express, a leading online site releasing news and advice on cars and also provides car reviews on new and used cars, have recently published an article titled 'Best small cars to buy in 2017'. Small cars are often a favourite amongst many people, however small cars do not mean a step down in the market.

Audi A5 vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Swiftlease Comments

The Independent, an online site featuring worldwide news have updated their blog and posted an article which details the differences between the two new sports coupes, the Audi A5 and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

What Home Movers Need to Know: Top Removals Comments

Belfast Live, an online site which publishes the latest news, sport and celebrity gossip have recently updated their site and published an article which is dedicated to home movers. The article details key information on what people need to know when it comes to move homes.

YellowBird Bus Company Offers Stress-Free Summer Transportation

YellowBird Bus Company has remained the most reliable bus company in the Philadelphia area for almost four decades. Since 1981, the yellow buses from YellowBird Bus Company have been safely transporting children to and from school every weekday. In addition to taking children to school, this bus company has become increasingly known for providing transportation for many other events and trips, from weddings to sporting events.

Beck Insurance Offers Motorcycle Insurance in Wauseon Ohio

LogoBeck Insurance Agency offers auto insurance that offers coverage to motorcycle owners. The coverage is an extensive one that gives the motorcycle owner the peace of mind that in the case of accidents, they will have coverage for the repair bills. There are a good number of insurance agencies around to lure one into getting insurance, but one has to be careful of not falling victim to scams. Not all insurance agencies own up to the sweet talk that they speak when they sell the insurance policy. The insurance agencies profit on the misfortune of the insurance owner. Beck Insurance Agency is very different from the others in the industry. They understand that whether it is a life insurance in Bryan and Defiance Ohio or motorcycle insurance, it costs the insurance holder money. They are committed to bringing the best service to their clients and provide them insurance solutions that will not their hurt their pocket. In no way does Beck Insurance Agency jeopardize the financial stability of their clients. On the contrary, one can look forward to them for protecting it in times of need.

Champion Brands to Launch Modern Muscle Motor Oils

LogoChampion Modern Muscle® Motor Oils (CMM) are licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) with viscosity grades of 5W-30, 0W-40 and 5W-50. These motor oils will fit most types of modern vehicles, including high-performance turbo-charged engines, supercharged gasoline engines, and multi-valve fuel injected engines found in today's street performance automotives and trucks plus OEM "Crate Motors" that recommend an API/SN Licensed Motor Oil or that need to meet or exceed DEXOS 1:2010 (ver.1) and DEXOS 1:2015 (ver.2).

American Insurance Offers Auto Insurance in New Jersey and Union NJ for Antique Automobiles

LogoAmerican Insurance Services Agency is an independent insurance agency that has been helping individuals and businesses find insurance solutions of their choice since 1976. Finding insurance with American Insurance is easy as they deal with a range of personal and business insurance solutions. From a homeowner's insurance in New Jersey to motorcycle insurance, rental property insurance and more, one can rely on American Insurance to find the right coverage. Being an independent insurance agency, they have the opportunity to work with the top insurance carriers so that their clients can compare the rates and then make a choice.

Montgomeryville Cycle Center Offers Hot Deals This Summer

LogoMontgomeryville Cycle Center, one of the premier motorcycle dealers in the Philly region, is now offering hot deals this summer.

IMMLA: ETH Falling Gives a Possibility to Invest in Alt Tokens

Anyone following the cryptocurrency market over the past few months has seen the impressive rise and pretty striking fall of the Ether price. For the month from June 17 to July 17 there was a Eth/$ rate reduction of 55%. The reason for this decline is quite significant sales in order to withdraw fiat money from newly completed ICOs.

San Antonio Locksmith Launches Car Key Replacement Services

Most modern vehicles of today come with transponder keys, which are keys that have a programmable chip embedded in them. The chip sends signals to a small computer built within the vehicle starter. The ignition of the car works and the car starts only if the signals are recognized by this computer.

Wetty's Auto Detailing Announces Promotion on Ceramic Paint

LogoWetty's Auto Detailing, a veteran of the auto detailing industry will be offering a promotion on its ceramic paint coating service for the month of July. Wetty's Auto Detailing provides expert care and professional services so you can keep your vehicles looking new at the best price.

PA Auto Credit: Helping Drivers of All Credit Levels

PA Auto Credit, the best place for people suffering from bad credit to get a car loan in the Trenton, NJ area, is able to get car buyers into the vehicle of their dreams regardless of credit score. PA Auto Credit has helped residents with perfect credit to poor credit and is more than capable of helping anyone in their area of operations get approved for an auto loan.

ABS Auto Glass Offers Same-Day Auto Glass Repair

Cracks or chipped windshields can cause a major distraction while driving. While a minor crack or chip might be tempting to ignore for a while, it can quickly expand across your windshield, making driving dangerous for drivers and their passengers. The experts at ABS Auto Glass, the leaders in auto glass repair in the Princeton, NJ area, understand this and offer same-day auto glass to minimize any damage.

Peruzzi Collision Center: A Local I-CAR Certified Leader

Peruzzi Collision Center, the best auto body repair shop in Bensalem, PA, is a local Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) certified collision center that repairs all kinds of dents and collision repair on cars, trucks and SUVs in the Greater Philadelphia area.

ProspAir Jet Charter Announces New Deals for Specific Routes

Private flyers looking for a top private jet company for both business and personal travel, look no further than ProspAir Jet Charter. ProspAir Jet Charter is dedicated to customizing a program to meet the exact needs of every client. ProspAir has developed a unique aviation solution allowing clients to take advantage of fixed rate Super Mid-Size Aircraft pricing on the following routes.

UMEX Moving & Storage Continuing to Take Customers in Need of Moving Services Throughout Summer 2017

UMEX Moving & Storage is continuing to take on new customers in search of moving and storage service near Bergen, NJ and its surrounding areas throughout the summer. In business for over a decade, this New Jersey-based company continuously goes above and beyond for their customers. With a 100% referral rate, they truly set themselves apart from the competitors in their industry.